Layout and Configuration Options

The micro-män system consists of:

A) Closing Unit
B) Transposition System with Process Modules and Tracks
C) Injection Unit

  • Up to 8 tracks
  • 7 custom-configurable process modules
  • Additional intermediate stations (camera/sensors) possible
  • Up to 12 tracks
  • 8 custom-configurable process modules
  • Additional intermediate stations (camera/sensors) possible



The closing unit is a highly stable and rigid system. The closing movement is executed by a high-performance torque motor that is virtually wear and maintenance free.


  • 50-kN and 150-kN torque motors
  • Closing movement via recirculating ball screw
  • Path-dependent configuration of closing profile
  • Mold protection with configurable speed and mold protection force
  • Separate closing units for 2C applications

In terms of size and autotuning, the tracks are standardized mold halves that can be modified to meet the requirements of a specific application.


  • Mold change in only a matter of minutes
  • Custom-controllable mold mechanics
  • Slider technology (for up to 32 cavities)
  • Up to 64 cavities
  • Data matrix code
  • Side cores
  • Multistage ejection

The electrical linear drive makes it possible to customize the movement of individual tracks.


  • High dynamics and speed
  • Intermediate stops can be fully programmed
  • Reverse tracks are possible, meaning the track does not pass through the entire transposition unit, but stops only at the required modules for small batches, start-up, etc.



Plasticization is performed gently by means of a two-stage screw preplasticizer with plunger injection or, for larger volumes, by means of a screw.


  • Processing of commercially available granules
  • First-in / first-out operation
  • Screw is optimized for dwell time
  • Injection pressure of max. 3,000 bar (depending on plunger Ø)
  • Injection unit can be exchanged without a drive change
  • Water-cooled, maintenance-free drive technology via torque motor
  • Full hot runner system for up to 16 cavities