Contemporaneous Processes

Unlike conventional injection molding machines, micro-män performs each processing step – such as the vario-thermal processes, removal, and actual injection – at a separate location. The processes take place simultaneously within different modules, increasing the frequency rate and saving valuable production time.

The system allows for easy integration of both upstream and downstream processing steps.

Upstream Process

  • Insertion, Overmolding

Injection-Molding Process

  • Micro injection molding, Family molds
  • Multicomponents
  • Sprueless injection molding with hot runner

Downstream Process

  • Magnetization, Assembly
  • Separate removal of molded product from cavity
  • Packaging, Printing

Enjoy all the benefits of the micro-män system – now in a 2-component version. As with the basic model, the 2-component version allows you to integrate a variety of function modules into the track-män transposition unit.


  1. Injection, component 1
    PP 250 mm3 per cavity, direct injection using 6-cavity valve gate hot runner system
  2. Cooling
    Intermediate station, ambient-air coolling
  3. Injection, component 2
    TPE 9 mm3 per cavity, direct injection using 6-cavity valve gate hot runner system
  4. Cooling
    Sterile filtration and energy separation of compressed air. A temperature of  approximately - 40 ° C is generated without additional energy input.
  5. Ejection of start up, bad and purge parts
  6. Sorting
    2 x 6 cavity sorting
  7. Laser sensor
    Monitors proper removal of molded product from cavities
  8. Track identification performed using QR code