Valve Gate Nozzle for Side Injection

1-Point, 2-Point, and 4-Point Hot Runner Valve Gate Nozzle for Side Injection



For Tube-Shaped Plastic Parts

Due to their tubular geometry with long, narrow cores and an opening on both sides, syringe barrels require side gating.





Specifically developed for side injection, the EDGELINE nozzle features valve pins that move at a right angle with respect to the opening and closing of the mold. The nozzle body and pneumatic
unit are arranged in the usual way parallel to the mold direction. A pneumatically actuated control pin simultaneously operates the valve pins, which are arranged perpendicular to the control pin.

EDGELINE lets you enjoy the benefits of a hot runner system with Cylindrical Valve Gate – defined pin opening and closing, surface quality, material savings, and above all high process reliability – in applications employing side injection.


Most notably, EDGELINE is ideal for processing glass substitutes such as COC or COP, which are used in the production of prefillable syringes. The design of the valve gate nozzle with enlarged flow cross sections helps to maximize stress-free processing of the sensitive resin.



  • Side injection with the benefits of the Cylindrical Valve Gate:
    Defined pin opening and closing
    Impeccable gate quality
    High process reliability and repeatability
  • Suitable for a wide range of resins (polyolefins, COC/COP, PMMA, PA, PC, TPE, and many more)
  • Homogeneous temperature profile even when processing resins with narrow processing windows
  • Basic body combined with screw-on nozzle tip
  • Insulating ring made of highly thermally insulating material
  • Includes new temperature-control element (patent pending)
  • Each nozzle tip can be heated separately

Nozzle layout enables compact mold design


EDGELINE 16-cavity 2-point and EDGELINE 32-cavity 4-point